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Don't let the terrorists win.

Don't let the terrorists win.

Translation: Keep buying crap from QVC, eating french fries and writing hilarious blogs.

Author: Mother Cusser/Wednesday, April 17, 2013/Categories: Don't let them win.

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You know what I find interesting?

 When horrible disasters like the Boston Marathon bomb happen that it appears that the FBI goes around calling (or texting) all of the fringe terrorist groups saying “You?  No.  Okay, you? Nope.  You?  Not us.” 

 And we take their word for it.  

 FBI:  “Damn! Thought for sure this was your horrible massacre work!”

Terrorist group: “Dude, I totally know.  But we like Boston it’s a cool town.  My Dad ran the marathon last year.  Our target markets are NYC and DC.”

FBI:  “Well you said you didn’t do it, so I believe you. Okay, back to hunting you down and killing your members!  Run!”

Like all this time all we do is call them crazy and liars and murderers.  They call us names and condemn us to hell, like EVERY DAY.  And then a horrible event happens and it’s like when a basketball player A looks like but didn’t foul basketball player B,and the ref looks at basketball player A and A holds his hands up and opens his eyes real wide in an “it wasn’t me!” sort of way.

 Now don’t go getting all uppity on me, Cussers, I KNOW that’s not exactly how it works. I know it’s deeply complicated, secretive and dangerous.  But I guess it’s the way the media reports it that gives me this odd perception.  

 “We asked the Taliban and they said “not it” and pointed to another fringe terrorist group based out of Russia, saying “ask them.”**

 I also know there’s nothing funny about this – although I find it interesting how comedian and extra-actor-in-lots-of-movies-I've-never-heard-of, Patton Oswalt has somehow come out as a thought leader in this arena.   

Our leader?

But I have two 8 year old sons.  I also have family members.  Those are all people that were injured or killed in the attack.  Everyone is connected even if they aren’t directly connected. This kind of thing is exhausting and horrifying. It reminds us of everything we’re afraid of.  It reminds of everything we want to fight.   It’s a real-life nightmare.  And some won’t wake up from it, ever. 

I’m sorry for your loss and mine, Cussers.  I hope that all of us can find peace.

**Please note, that when this blog was written - I had no way of knowing that the people they would be after would be from Russia. Creepy, creepy coincidence.  

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