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20 Characteristics of Women (me) with ADHD

20 Characteristics of Women (me) with ADHD

20?!? I'm exhausted just considering reading that many to write this blog.

Author: Mother Cusser/Wednesday, April 17, 2013/Categories: ADHD, Top Ten and Five Lists

I saw this article today and thought I’d share with you my thoughts on this type of list.


 <<Seriously, what is going on in this picture? 


20 Common Symptoms of ADD & ADHD in Women
MC: Because men with ADD or ADHD don’t do this. Their symptoms are all related to something sexual I’m sure.

Difficulty with Boring, Repetitive Tasks

MC: First of all – are there people who excel at this?  Accountants maybe?  Compliance lawyers? On second thought, I guess there are.  I am so sorry that you are good at boring, repetitive tasks.  But I’m glad you exist because according to this article I have difficulty with them.  You would also think that the writer of this ADHD article would have shortened it to like 5 common symptoms instead of 20 because I’m SO not going to read any further.  BORING.

Difficulty Making Decisions

MC: This is true. The article talks about how there are like 209857104985 different types of milk. Soy, Fat free, 1%, 2%, chocolate, chocolate soy, lactose free chocolate soy 1%, vanilla skim, grande vanilla soy latte, mocha latte, double tall mocha with whipped cream…I think I’ll just get a regular coffee.  Do you have Pike? You have Blonde, Verismo, Verona…My Sharona!  Who’s named Sharona anyway. That’s such a dumb name.

Difficulty Sitting Still
MC:  Okay this is also true.  I bounce on an exercise ball. All day.  LPP, who sits across from me, doesn’t seem to mind.  Wonder why.

Difficulty Falling Asleep and Waking Up the Next Morning

MC:  Getting me into bed isn’t that difficult.  GET IT?  I’m a slut!!  Just kidding. My friend Holly though? Total slut.

Starting Projects but Seeming Unable to Finish Them

MC: Whatever, I totally don’t…


Seems helpful but looks too boring and repetitive.

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the aforementioned Holly

4/17/2013 10:20 AM

how, after all these years, am I still the "slut" in this relationship? Once a slut, always a slut? I guess if you're good at something, stick with it!

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