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I love Pat Robertson

I love Pat Robertson

I think it's because of his great advice.

Author: Mother Cusser/Friday, May 17, 2013/Categories: Cussing, Pumpkin Pie, ADHD

Televangelist Pat Robertson is under fire once again after telling the wife of a cheating husband to get over the infidelity and provide a better home so he doesn't “wander.”

“He cheated on you. Well, he's a man. Ok." Robertson explained.

Full Story: http://abc7.ws/15TDq1K

HA!!! I love Pat Robertson.  This is awesome.  The last time ole Patty-Pat got into trouble was when he told a woman her looks might be why her marriage wasn’t working.  When the woman expressed she was having marital difficulties – to make her feel better – Patty-Pat told a story about a married man driven to alcoholism because his wife was ugly!  The lesson being if you’re ugly, your husband might drink or you might have marital issues!

I didn’t actually SEE the woman he was talking about.  He could be right.  I mean sometimes my love, LPP, will come in from working in the yard for 3 minutes looking like he was in a monsoon. I take one look at that beauty and high-tail it right over to that wine fridge and pop the cork.  

(truth be told I will pretty much use any excuse to get into the wine fridge)

(additional truth be told LPP looks pretty hot when he’s all sweaty)


The point is Pat Robertson was trying to make these women feel better.  My guess is it didn’t work.  And now all the media folks are running around gasping at the sheer audacity of PAT FUCKING ROBERTSON saying something sexist and inappropriate.  



Really, really?

Women?  If you’re having marital problems you might not want to write an email to PAT FUCKING ROBERTSON. He’s approximately 110 years old and has the morals of a 19th century plantation owner.  In fact, I will take it a step further and say that I don’t think these women exist. I think Pat’s show producers are well aware of his views and they probably crack up when Pat says racist, sexist things. They know full well he’s going to blame the woman for a man’s infidelity!  So they set it up and probably take bets on how long into the discussion Pat will ask the woman if she’s fat or bad at cooking. 

And media? If you want to hear an old man say inappropriate things come to my house on any holiday, ever and sit next to my Dad and me.  It’s not news.  But it is hilarious.   

And Pat Fucking Robertson?  I believe it was Jesus who said “Let he who casts the first stone remember that he will one day likely be under the care of some female nurses who might not take kindly to sexism and may deprive him of his applesauce.”  John 3:16/5, I think.  I’m not too up on my bible stuff, but I’m pretty sure I know this one.

Oh…LPP just came in from the yard.  Time to put on some lipstick and go make my marriage work.  


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