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Mother Cusser takes over Nashville

Mother Cusser takes over Nashville

I'm thinking of making t-shirts that say "What's up Mother Cusser!"

Author: Mother Cusser/Saturday, May 25, 2013/Categories: Cussing, Pumpkin Pie, ADHD

So let me just get started saying that yesterday we went to my Mom’s house to celebrate her buying new outdoor furniture by drinking wine and eating various appetizers as we sat on said furniture.  

It was very comfortable and pretty.  Well done, Mom.

But Mom made a mistake because something funny happened and she specifically told me NOT to write about it here and if anyone knows me at all you should know to tell me NOT to do something means I will absolutely be forced to DO IT.  I am hardwired that way.  It’s pretty much out of my control.

Here’s the sitch:

Mom was throwing a ball for my sister’s dog as my sister sat in a new outdoor furniture chair just a few feet away from Mom.  Mom’s hand slipped. The ball hit my sister in the face.  That event in itself was funny.  But then my sister responded by fussing a bit and then saying “I’m just not used to having balls in my face!”  

HA!  I laughed hard at that one because anytime you say the word “balls” you cannot get around the gutter connotation associated with it.  BALLS.  Hi Mom!  Kari’s not used to having BALLS IN HER FACE!  

Doesn’t happy hour at Mom’s sound like fun?  

This guy knows just how my sister feels.

My writing about this brings up some other things that have been on my mind as well.  I go places. I do things. I see people.  I write about it.  Now that this little blog is getting more notoriety I have people approaching me and asking about it- and actually referring to me as Mother Cusser.  Like in social situations – like at the grocery store.  Or at the elementary school.  Or via facebook or text messaging. There are many of you who have done this so if you’re sitting there thinking “Oh shit, she’s talking about me,” I’m not necessarily.  Or am I.  

It’s a struggle for me because initially I put this blog together under the MC name so I could be anonymous.  I wanted to hide behind the name and be funny and secretive at the same time.  But it’s a conundrum (yeah I said conundrum) because if I don’t tell you about it, you won’t read it and then what a waste of all this hilarity.

I realize I can’t have it both ways.  So I put it out there for all to see and have discovered it kind of embarrasses me to be noticed for it.  I know it sounds stupid for someone who carries the name Mother Cusser proudly to be shy, but guess what? I am.  

I told LPP that when I get noticed for it, I want to run over to the blog and just pull the plug and avoid all the attention.  He literally said “That’s just stupid.”  He’s so sweet.  But what he was trying to say was don’t let anyone else stop you from doing something you enjoy and that others enjoy.

I guess being noticed means it’s affecting people. I have gotten great feedback from people who tell me I’m brave and that I say things that people are thinking but are too chicken to say.  Someone else told me it was inspiring.  Mother Cusser? Inspiring? AWESOME!  And that alone is a reason to NOT pull the plug.  LPP, you’re so wise sometimes.  And sexy.

So right back atcha people-who-have-called-me-Mother Cusser-while-I’m- at-the-principals-office- at-my-kids’-school.  I’m calling you out here!  HI!  

Are you worried now that I will turn around and write a 49 page blog about my personal observations of your hair?  Or your cooking? Or your choice to wear that shirt to Kroger?  

Well I might.  So watch your back. 

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5/25/2013 12:52 PM

You. Are no longer welcomed on my patio! Mother Cusser's




5/25/2013 1:00 PM

I am soooo glad I don't live in Nashville because what I look like and wear to Kroger is simply appalling. I actually come home after, look in the mirror, and gasp "holy mother cusser, I am THAT woman." Keep up the good work my friend, I love it!!


Mother Cusser

6/13/2013 9:38 AM

Everyone knows your supposed to dress hot for Kroger, Nacho. Don't embarrass Mother Cusser. Wear a leather mini next time. Take a picture so I know you're a loyal fan.

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