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Little Pumpkin Pie Peters Out

Little Pumpkin Pie Peters Out

LPP is a master at sleeping on the go.

Author: Mother Cusser/Saturday, August 3, 2013/Categories: Pumpkin Pie

So my little pumpkin pie is my husband.  He’s a good guy and works hard. Sometimes, LPP works so hard that he doesn’t get enough sleep at night.  A direct result of the lack of sleep is that he will literally fall asleep where he is no matter what.

What’s the big deal?  He ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tells me he wasn’t really asleep.  But he really was.  Why he can't just admit that he fell asleep is fascinating to me. I've told him that it's okay with me if he falls asleep here and there. It's not a sign of weakness or anything. But he insists, every time - he wasn't asleep. So I have started taking pictures of him when he falls asleep in funny positions.

Here they are:

Here he said he was just getting some sun.


Aw.  There's a puppy in this picture where LPP wasn't actually sleeping.

Doing kindergarten homework is exhausting.  He said he was just resting his eyes. 




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