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Have you seen Mother Cusser's Facebook Page??

Have you seen Mother Cusser's Facebook Page??

Because I can't risk posting my blog on my own page anymore. My Mom keeps reading it.

Author: Mother Cusser/Tuesday, July 30, 2013/Categories: Cussing

It has been done.   Since the blog inception I have received approximately 2709837420 requests for Mother Cusser to have her own Facebook page.  Stop nagging me. I have one now.

Now you can talk to me whenever you want.  You can interact directly with me, THE Mother Cusser.  But that doesn't mean I am going to answer you.  I'm very important and extremely busy.  However, let me offer you advice, let me tell you what's on my mind in a shorter more succinct way, let us grow our relationship through Facebook. Just don't start stalking me, you weirdos, I'm not Dear Abby.  Or maybe I am. I'm Dear Abby with a mohawk and a chainsaw.  No wait, that's the Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy.  I just tell it like it is.

Check out the page views on the blogs.  Some are almost at 1000!  So I know you're out there. I'm giving back to you by allowing you access to me, via www.facebook.com/mothercusser.  Let's start bonding. 

Share with your friends, but only  your coolest, funniest, most awesome friends. We can't just have anyone in our Cusser's Club can we?? Maybe I'll give away a free ipad (no I won't).

Happy Cussing!


Mother Cusser



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