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From Miley to Mercy VI

From Miley to Mercy VI

A weekly installment about why your crappy parenting means China is taking over the world.

Author: Mother Cusser/Tuesday, November 5, 2013/Categories: Cussing, Funny, funny, funny

<< It really is coming to this. 



Today’s really stupid article came in from a reader who said to me: “Love your work. Read this and thought you'd find it horrifying/interesting....” 

First of all, great way to begin a conversation with me.  Always tell me you love my work.  I also would have accepted “You’re hilarious,” and “Your work is thought provoking and hilarious.  I love it.”   However, this fan forgot to tell me that I’m pretty.  The beginning of every conversation between a fan and me should begin like this:  “Mother, you’re funny and pretty and funny,” or some variation of that. 

Otherwise I might not listen.

However, in this case since this fan loved my work, I went ahead and read the horrifying/interesting article he sent me.

This week’s reason my kids are learning Chinese comes from a place that a friend of mine affectionately refers to as “America’s Hat,” or CANADA!  It seems that the US is not the only place where children are being raised in a police state.   Although in Canada I believe they call it “Le police state.” 

A school in Canada put a ban on kindergartners touching during recess.  A letter actually went home  to parents advising them of the new hands-off rule which prohibits games such as tag, holding hands and imaginary Star Wars light saber duels. 


The article states: “ban was put in place as a result of several playground injuries over the past few weeks due to games and other hands-on play during recess,” and goes on to ask “parents to talk to their children about the new rules and encourage them to come up imaginary games that don’t involve "fighting.” The article quotes a parent who says, "No tag, no hugging, no touching at all."

Best part?  Your child will get sent to the office if they don’t follow the new rules.  Let me repeat that:  YOUR KINDERGARTNER WILL BE SENT TO THE OFFICE FOR HUGGING HER FRIEND.

These girls are asking for it!

You know that this happened because some kids got hurt on the playground and the PARENTS complained right?  If you think the school just loves to add extra work to their teachers such as enforcing the no hugging rule with 5 year olds while they are playing at recess, you’re DEAD WRONG. 

Here’s what I think happened:  Somebody’s kid got hurt physically and emotionally during tag.  The parent freaked out and called the school.  Probably threatened to go over their heads if they didn’t do something to protect their baby.  The school responded with this sad attempt at compromise. 

Once again, it’s the parents.  They make the schools do crazy things like this.  Instead of giving the kids tools to be successful on the playground should physical things happen, they teach the kids to come home with their tails firmly between their legs whining about how someone else  made them fall down and waaah, it wasn’t fair.  The parents then continue setting a poor example by then calling the school and blaming the teachers. 

Teaching them that everything is always someone else’s fault stunts empathy, emotional intelligence and stifles ambition.  Making kids self-centered and lazy. 

And I want to live at home when I'm 30!

Which means the Canadians had better start learning Chinese.  Or as the Candaians say, "Le Chinese, eh."

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11/8/2013 7:54 AM

My son's school has a complete "hands off" policy. A little girl in his class got sent to the office and her mom was called because she wouldn't stop hugging all of her friends. Little kids are very "hands on". It is really sad what our world is coming to.



11/8/2013 11:03 AM

Maybe I missed a previous article...not sure where China comes into this lol. Our children's previous school had a no touching policy as well. No hugging your friends ( tell that to preteen girls who have to squeal and hug everytime they see their friends !) My niece's school (Toronto)doesn't even have a play structure in the yard...too dangerous apparently. Yikes!



11/8/2013 11:19 AM

Are you freaking kidding me???? If this is how things are going to be, we should all just home school. I am sooooo glad my kids are grown, but my heart hurts for my grandkids. They aren't going to have the opportunity to experience all the fun being a kid has to offer because some people (probably those who were bullied in school) think it's okay to force their notions of right and wrong on everyone, threatening lawsuits because they aren't adult enough to teach their children how to deal with things.

Know what you'd have if you filled the oceans with lawyers? A good start!!



11/8/2013 1:16 PM

At my son's school the playground that the kids and parents fundraised for two year to have built is decimated. First the swings were taken down because some child fell off (the playground surface is that spongy rubber stuff made from recycled tires. I can't figure how anyone hurt themselves falling off a swing but hey, it happened). Then the slide was removed. The kids can't play tag or football because of the touching and the competition. These are kids that get "participation" awards at the end of the school year so that mediocre has become acceptable. My 10 year old son (with learning disorder) is confounded by all this. He wonders why his friends can't just stand up and brush themselves off like he does. I wonder why the parents (who weren't involved in the fundraising for the new playground) are working so hard at making their children mediocre.



11/8/2013 5:24 PM

What in the world is going on with these parents??? I think what is coming next is we are going to have all children placed in their own cubby with a gate or a fence around it so there is no touching similar to the orphanages in Romania. Unfortunately, many of those children did not turn out so well. They were socially and emotionally handicapped. Don't these parents know that in order to be a well-rounded adult, children need to have opportunities to practice their social skills. For example, if a child doesn't want to be hugged by a particular child, how about saying "leave me alone". THIS IS HOW CHILDREN LEARN STUPID PARENTS!!!!



12/8/2013 11:38 AM

@MickiMause - I think your blame is wrongly placed on adult-once-bullied children. I was one of those kids and if anything I have more empathy, a thicker skin, and better coping skills. The kids that bullied me were entitled spoiled brats with rich parents who grew up to become spoiled, entitled parents with precious snowflakes of their own. THESE are the people that are complaining little Jayden had to experience the failure of losing touch football or fell off the swing and bruised their precious little knee. I've seen it firsthand.

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