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Instead of Fat Shaming - I'm Fat Blaming.

Instead of Fat Shaming - I'm Fat Blaming.

Get ready for a wild ADHD ride with Mother Cusser

Author: Mother Cusser/Wednesday, January 22, 2014/Categories: Cussing, ADHD, Tips to improve your life, Funny, funny, funny

WOW.  I have just read an earth shattering article.  Seriously, y’all.  I’m blown away. 

I’ll post the link for you here – but don’t even bother wasting the time to click over and read it.  BECAUSE I CANNOT HOLD THIS EARTH SHATTERING INFORMATION QUIET ANY LONGER. 

Okay…here goes…are you ready? Totally sit down for this!  Okay.  Are you sitting?  You are not.  You are? Oh you’re at work at your computer?  They let you on Mother Cusser at work?  I am so glad because I wasn’t sure if it would get blocked by the naughty filters – even though we all know that Mother Cusser is not an actual swear word.  Remember when Google wouldn’t let me put Google Ads on my site because they said it was questionable?  Jerks.  I heard later it was because of the Miley photo I used when I wrote that article.  WHATEV!  Where do you think I found it??  Google image search. Hypocrites, really.  I think Google is taking over the world and I’ll tell you what – that scares me!  

Where was I?  

Oh yeah – kids.  So I was at lunch at my kids' school yesterday.  I witnessed a sweet overweight boy talking to a sweet non-overweight boy.  The non-overweight (NON O) boy said to the overweight (O)boy:

Non O: Hey – I can tell that’s your little brother. You guys look alike.
O:  Yeah I hear that a lot. It’s our hair.  
Non O:  You look the same but you are fatter!!
O:  Heeeeeey.  

I bring this up because I’m regularly getting fussed at for “fat shaming,” because I am blunt about parents who set their kids up for failure by not focusing on nutrition and exercise.  Hey, guess what?  The term “fat shaming” is stupid.  I'm starting a new one - "Fat Blaming," and I'm blaming the parents.  We can yell all day long about not saying such things.  About loving our bodies no matter what.  But that poor sweet boy heard it anyway.  Wouldn’t it have been better if the child wasn’t overweight to begin with?  I get that overweight still happens.  And I will still say parents of overweight kids should be held accountable.  I did lean over to the sweet non-overweight kid and said, “Hey man, that’s not cool.”  He looked surprised.  And then he apologized.  The other boy just waved it off.  I felt that it was unfair that he was put into this position to begin with.  Come on America – the problem is not “fat shaming,” the problem is allowing the kids to get fat to begin with.

One of my kids said to me yesterday, “If we’re supposed to exercise 60 minutes a day to stay fit, then why do grocery stores sell so much junk food?”  

I was stunned.  Smart kid.  Funny and good looking too. Takes after his sweet ole Mother Cusser.


I told him because it’s America and for some reason we need to have free choice to buy our Twinkies in bulk if we want to.That we need to be smarter than the store and make the right choices and that stuff will go away.  

Not to mention the crap they serve in the cafeteria.  But we all are aware of that one.  Same son asked me why schools serve fried foods if we’re supposed to be healthy.  He asked me why we would serve our children this food when we know it’s bad?  Man, that kid is awesome.  And he’s right. We are gross for allowing that and not changing it. 

I Googled (gawd I hate Google) how to fix this problem and found this:  

Tell someone in charge of your school's dining services to make a change before your kid’s health suffers. First, do some research to find out who makes the decision about which dining service gets a contract with your school. You could go to your principal or ask a teacher. If that doesn’t work, find the names of some members of the Board of Education on a school newsletter and try to call them.

They also say this:

Give a sample survey to the diners

Please rate the cafeteria food you are eating now using the scale below. Rate the food based on taste, nutritional value and freshness. Score each food item from 1 (worst) to 5 (best).

Today's lunch Items Taste Nutrition Freshness

Tater Tots               12345 12345 12345

Cheeseburger          12345 12345 12345

Cherry Pie               12345 12345 12345

The results from this survey will help you figure out what the diners think about cafeteria lunch food. 

And they even offer fun tips for letter writing!

Tips to remember while writing your letter:

Get to the point- state your case in the first paragraph. (Instead of blabbing on and on about whatever pops into your dumb head)
Be pleasant- no one wants to respond to a completely negative letter. (What’s that now?)
Keep it natural- take on a conversational tone and make sure sentences aren't too long. (No one reads long rambling sentences…?)
End with action- suggest to the reader what their next steps should be.(Complaining is not an action)
Presentation is key- make sure there are no spelling mistakes or weird formatting issues. (American’s doez thatt, alot)

So I’m going to do it.  You do it too.  Make life better for our kids.  It’s your job.  

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you about my earth shattering news.  You know what? Just go ahead and Google “earth shattering news.”  I’m sure Google won't let you down.  

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1/22/2014 11:31 AM

Mother, did you know that in the federal free and reduced lunch program, the children must have the full lunch whether they are hungry or not. These children do not have the right to choose what they want to eat. So we either get overweight children from cleaning their plates or we get wasted food as the kids throw most of the food away.


Mother Cusser

1/22/2014 12:06 PM

No. I did not know that, Corky. And I'm sorry that I do now. But I needed to know. Everyone needs to know! This is something we can change. I eat lunch with my kids a lot these days - and I watch kids throw away their perfect apples and oranges and go right to the gummy fruit snacks. Folks - GUMMY FRUIT SNACKS ARE NOT ACTUAL FRUIT.


Thomas Horton

1/22/2014 12:13 PM

Mother, I have more than a little problem with a number of these points.

1. Body type as a child is not necessarily an indicator of body type as an adult. Chubby kids often grow up to be very fit. Fit kids often become fat adults.

2. "Wouldn’t it have been better if the child wasn’t overweight to begin with?" Yes, Mrs. O'Leary, wouldn't it have been better not to have your lantern so close to the cow? That boy can't do anything about what he has become— he can change what he will become in the future (to a degree), but saying that to me is pointless. And not only that, I don't know that it's even true. That kid might be ramping up to be a sherman tank football player. Or getting ready to hit a growth spurt. The body packs on fat for a reason. Sometimes kids just eat too much and get fat, sure, but sometimes, they eat because they are genuinely hungry, because their bodies are preparing for change.

3. Metabolism is a strange thing. Trust, I know. I don't have one. I ate far less than my normal-weight friends, and got fat anyway. My issue is endocrine. We don't know how much of that goes on, but I guarantee you with all the hormones they are putting in our food, endocrine disorders in children will become more common.

4. "Fat shaming?" What does he have to be ashamed of? So he's fat. Big deal. His layer of blubber doesn't make him a bad person— or lazy or stupid or rude or any of those fat stereotypes that bad Hollywood productions and TV commercials like to portray.

5. "I am blunt about parents who set their kids up for failure by not focusing on nutrition and exercise." I weigh 400+ pounds. I have a six-figure job, scores of friends, an active social life, and am a great person. I hardly think I am a failure because I don't work out and eat celery.

6. I agree that kids should be served better food. Everyone should eat better food. The food industry is more to blame than the parents, even, for childhood obesity. But the point of the matter is, you can watch what your kids eat, and they can be very active, and they can still get fat. Fat happens.

And it's not bad. It is that idea that has to go. Would I like to be 175 pounds? Sure. But that's not what my metabolism and body chemistry want of me.

I go to a fancy bariatric doctor— that's a doc for fat folks— who weighs me on this machine that reads the electrical impulses coming from my feet, and determines my body chemistry.

It was estimated at my last visit that my "lean mass" was 313 pounds. That means at 0% body fat, I would be north of 300 pounds at 6'3".

A gazelle is supposed to be lean. A hippopotamus is supposed to be portly. Some us are gazelles, some are hippos, and some are in-between. And I'm not going to be made to feel ashamed for being fat. And worse, I hate that people think "fat" is a bad word. I am fat. Clearly. To say I'm not is being dumb. So if a kid says to me, "Hey, you're fat," I don't want his mom to say, "No he's not!" or to shut him up like he's called me a rat-bastard. "Fat" is not a negative. It's a statement of fact.

And I am okay with that.

Love ya, Mother... :-)


Mother Cusser

1/22/2014 12:36 PM

Thomas - I always love your input. And when I mean failure - I mean health failure. Excess weight is not good for the ole ticker.

But maybe I also mean social failure too. Because let's face it - most overweight folks aren't as secure with themselves as you. In addition, they didn't get there because of a metabolism issue. I think your healthy outlook on fat and how it wears on you is wonderful. But it's not the norm. And kids definitely don't look at it that way.

I disagree with you that you can watch what your kids eat and they just magically get fat. When they are buying their own food or spending their own money on it, sure. But any age under that means they eat what I give them. I give em junk? They eat it. I don't make em play outside? They get fat. When I was a young girl, at dinner sometimes we used to eat a baked potato mashed up with mayo. And corn. Always had corn. I had Mcdonalds with my brother once a week when my Mom had grad school. I played soccer and softball. But in 4th grade a kid in school called me fat - and it was not in a positive light - as you feel it should be. And I realized he was right.

That's what I saw yesterday at the cafeteria table.

And it is a problem in this country. I go to sporting events to watch my kids play. I see the heavy kids struggling harder than their peers. It's wrong to set them up that way.

I applaud you and your amazing self image. I find you inspiring and entertaining and someone who could lead a positive change in "fat vernacular."

But I'm talking about kids. We need to help our kids. They don't get a choice like the grown ups do.

Wait, yes they do. They get to choose from pizza, chicken nuggets and fries.

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