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Should you bring a newborn baby to a trade show?

Should you bring a newborn baby to a trade show?

Not in Chicago.

Author: Mother Cusser/Tuesday, May 20, 2014/Categories: Cussing

<<GAWD forbid someone walks by "Waitressville" with a baby reminding all the men that they have children at home.

Well lookee here - click here for article.   A lady took her ten day old infant to the National Restaurant Association Trade Show because she was asked to bring her winery business there and her baby eats every hour and she breastfeeds.

I needed to take some time to think about this one. 

It’s a puzzle really – because I quit my job when I had my kids. I sacrificed my career and social life for my kids.  I don’t really have any special earth shattering reason for that – I just felt like I built them so I should take care of them and not pay anyone else to do it.  I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of taking my ten day old baby to big, loud trade show with lots of germs and chaos.  Plus, my ten day old post having a baby body would have been sore and miserable.  And fat.  Really, really fat.

And not to mention how freakin’ tired I would have been.

No, I wouldn’t have brought my babies there.  Back then I might have been a tad judgmental to the woman that would have too.  But that’s because I had to justify my sadness for giving up my job that I loved. I had to say, “How could she not do what I did and drop everything for her children???”  Looking back I can see how my judgment of a situation like this was really just a reflection of what I was afraid to do.  Still, even today – I wouldn’t bring a ten day old baby to a trade show.  Just wouldn’t be my particular choice.

But does that make this woman wrong? 


Now that I’m a grown up and a much more confident (and attractive) woman – I don’t really care how this woman parents her baby as long as he’s loved and fed. I think it’s downright ridiculous that she was asked to leave a trade show that she was invited to because she had a baby strapped to her.

They say it was an unsafe environment for children.  So she had to leave.

Agreed!  Hot stoves!! Knives!!  Probably drunk patrons!!


What is a ten day old baby going to do in that situation aside from NOTHING??
In my opinion that woman was doing the right thing for her baby.  You see, she needed to make money for her winery.  If she can make her winery successful – then maybe she can hire a baby sitter next year when her baby isn’t breastfeeding anymore.  Maybe after that she can begin to save money for college for her little baby.  MAYBE THAT LITTLE BABY WILL SEE HOW TO BE A WONDERFUL MOTHER AND STILL HAVE A STRONG WORTH ETHIC AT THE SAME TIME!! 

What an awesome lesson to learn, don’t you think? 

Do you think it was EASY for this woman to bring her baby to this trade show? Do you think she wasn’t exhausted? Not to mention she has a 2 and 4 year old at home.  Do you think she wasn’t sore, moody, a little worried about germs and nervous about how her winery would do at this huge event?  Do you think it was embarrassing for her to be asked to leave an event that SHE WAS INVITED TO because she’s doing what women have been doing for, I don’t know, EVER AND EVER AND EVER???? 

SHAME ON YOU, National Restaurant Association Trade Show.  You’re gross and from the 1950’s.  Don’t you sit there and tell me about rules for children.  This was not a child. This was a mom ornament. No stroller. No blatant screaming.  This woman was not running around topless announcing feeding time. 

She was working.  And instead of offering her a chair and place to sit down TEN FREAKIN DAYS AFTER HAVING ANOTHER HUMAN – you made her leave.  You made her leave! 

I’m sorry, Kristin Osborne for the ignorance and utter disrespect as a mother and a business woman that you experienced.  Fortunately for you – I and my darling fans – LOVE wine.  I am posting the link to your family-run Minnesota winery in the hopes that my Minnesota fans will visit and my non-Minnesota fans will support you from afar.

Keep working Kristin.  Keep being a great mom.  The example you set for your children will be what matters, no matter what.  They will be proud.



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5/21/2014 7:29 AM

There are laws protecting women at work places and companies that allow women breastfeeding feeding to bring their children to work who Breast feed. I believe that she was doing the right thing. I bet if it were a man with the baby strapped to him bottle feeding he would not have been asked to leave. I'll bet people would have been like what a good man and father gushing over him and the baby. It's unfortunate that somany people are so small minded.I wish you the best and believe you will be successful in your winery and raising strong successful adults.

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