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Open Letter Template for Beginning Bloggers

Open Letter Template for Beginning Bloggers

This is how you impart your blogging genius on your two readers who happen to be your parents

Author: Mother Cusser/Tuesday, July 7, 2015/Categories: Cussing

<<What IS that thing?

I am regularly asked by fans about starting their own blogs.  So here's a tip for first-time bloggers - write an open letter. 

Ah the Open Letter.  You know what I’m talking about don’t you? Those open letters that bloggers keep writing? “An open letter to stay at home Dads,” or “An open letter to that person who leaves their trashcan on the curb all week long.”  I’ve seen open letters written to Obama, Grandparents, chefs, strippers, any type of teenage issue (boys, girls, dating, not dating, Jesus, you get the pic), to teachers and principals, dogs, plants and the like. 

First – what IS an open letter?  As a talented writer I know that the only way to write great content is to be sure I’ve checked all of my facts and definitions so that what I bring to you is accurate and spot on.  I quickly googled the words, “open letter,” but then I got a text from my Mom alerting me to Ben and Jennifer’s divorce and really needed to read about that instead.  By the time I returned to the term, “open letter,” I was really bored with the whole idea of “researching,” for my “blog.” 

Obviously, an open letter is a way for bloggers to address an entire targeted audience – hairless cats or lumberjacks for example – but making sure the public at large doesn’t miss out on their genius.   This is a typical blogger play and because people are predictable is a great move for new bloggers on the scene!  So for all of your new bloggers out there, I made a fill in the blank open letter to get you started. 

An Open Letter Template:

Dear- A Group-that’s-large-but-not-too-large-because if it’s too large it won’t be specific enough to be found on Google or on social media – I would start with male ballet dancers or even women who enjoy apples as a snack,

Remember when there was a time that___________?  Can you believe how things have changed in our world? We’ve gone from __________ to being ______________ in just a decade.   It seems like only yesterday that you were  _________________.   And now, I’m so proud of what you’ve turned into.

But there is still work to be done.  Please take heed to these three things:

1. Never, ever forget ___________________.  We are in the here and now, people. And if you can’t get off your butt to ________________ then I don’t know what will happen.  I know that in my life, I have been able to always do the things that you cannot – so I’m writing this open letter to remind all you of what I’ve done well which means you have things to work on.

2. Put on a _________________ face and persevere!  This too shall pass!  A stitch in time saves nine.  And we all know when the glass has water in it that it’s half empty – unless you’re me.  I don’t think those things because I’m farther along than you in my self discovery.  Which again, is why I wrote this open letter.  It’s important to me that an entire group of trampoline basketball players understands how to raise their teenagers. 

3.  Finally, ________.  This word is the most important word of all. It captures the essence of this open letter and will be the key to raising your kids, house training your dogs and improving your relationship with your boss. 
I salute you, _______________________.  Hats off to you, ___________________!  I am in awe of your ______________ and _______________ in the face of ______________________.    Hey, I’m just humble blogger who happens to understand how people with extra toes need to step up and live life. 

Good luck and keep your chin up!


The Open Letter Writer

That should get you off to a good start and reach your audience of teenage debate team winners as well as the public at large because remember – you’re a blogger and everyone needs to know what you think about everything.

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