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ISIS – Better at marketing than Coke, Google and Caitlyn Jenner Combined

ISIS – Better at marketing than Coke, Google and Caitlyn Jenner Combined

Author: Mother Cusser/Thursday, November 19, 2015/Categories: Cussing

I usually am a huge fan of the media. I love reporters and writers and stories.  I am a champion of free speech, obviously.  For the last zillion years I have worked in public relations as a part of my job.  There’s a dance you do with the media to get on television or in the paper.  It’s part sales, it’s part relationship – but it’s really all about getting a story to light that will affect the public in some way – positively or negatively.  It has to get mucho eye balls.  It has to sell.  

PR is not an easy job.  It’s a sales with a story not a product. And you have to hope that it gets the eye balls that you’re promised the reporter that it will.  Because when it doesn’t, that reporter is gone in an instant and off to the next big story.

But there’s a group out there right now that sure is making PR look easy.  There’s a club of people who have no marketing budget who I’ve seen in the media every day. There’s this society of psychos who have pretty much cornered social media as well.  

And if you read the title of this blog – you’ll know I’m referring to ISIS.

These indigent, ill-equipped, uneducated cowards are marketing wizards and they are showing up some of the biggest and most prolific brands in the world WITH ZERO MARKETING BUDGET.  


By selling the story.

They release videos on You Tube and say things reminiscent of a movie-type bad guy where they tell you exactly what their evil plan is.  “We’ve got bad guys in your showers as we speak.  They are waiting for our sign to jump out and holler. Beware.”  They use PRESS RELEASES.  Are you fucking kidding me?  PRESS RELEASES. The same press releases that announce that Linked In added masseuses to their employee benefits program.  “Did we mention that our bad guys are also living in your computer?  Death to America!”  THEY TWEET.  They fucking TWEET, y’all.  They use the 140 characters in a TWEET to remind you something else threatening like, “@Obama u wish u knew r plan! @ISIS is #1. #JaredFogle b Amricn. Ew.”  Using these marketing channels gets them on television and in the newspaper EVERY SINGLE DAY.


The media EATS THIS STUFF UP.  Just yesterday ISIS put out a press release with a photo of a bomb they made.  It was on every single media outlet and all over social media.  The media call the scumbag who was responsible for the Paris murders a “mastermind.”  A mastermind?  He’s a mastermind, is he?  This guy is not a mastermind.  He’s a total scumbag psycho loser who hates people who are living – so he murders them.  If your friend/sister/dad was killed in this attack – would you call the killer a mastermind?  

Here’s Mother Cusser’s Message to the Media:

Stop it.  STOP IT.  Stop promoting this stuff.  You’re basically an unpaid marketing firm for the worst, most disgusting, horribly vile people ON THE PLANET.  You’re their grubby little fan who is dying to see what will they SAY/DO/POST/TWEET next??  WE HAVE TO KNOW!  

You should NOT be using terms like mastermind.
You should NOT be showing the photos that THEY provide for you. No matter how juicy.
You should NOT be using every precious minute on television and in the newspaper and online to promote their latest evil plot.  
You should NOT continue to say their name.  I almost didn’t write this blog because of their name.  They don’t deserve my breath. 

You do have a duty to inform the public.  And you should be talking about the murders and you should be talking about how to be safe. And you should be providing a place for good people to go to get real information.  You should inform, explain and foster communication.  Not create stories to make bad people sound exciting.

It won’t be easy. Because when you stop giving them what they want, that group of sick recreants will kill some one or many, like in Paris.  But like a child who throws a tantrum – it gets worse when someone is watching.


BTW - I just glanced at my Facebook newsfeed.  CBS is showing the surveillance video of the Paris attacks. So let me add one more – YOU SHOULD NOT BE POSTING SURVEILLANCE VIDEOS OF MURDEROUS RAMPAGES. I know one team of terrible twits who can’t believe their luck with the American media.  

I just wish it was still the Kardashians.  

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