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Men can stop rape. Here's how.

Men can stop rape. Here's how.

Author: Mother Cusser/Tuesday, June 7, 2016/Categories: Cussing

So I was chatting with a fan this morning when I came up with an idea.

If I had lots of money and sponsor support – I’d do this idea and I’d nail it.  

As it is, I’ll write about it and maybe it will make an impact anyway, however small. Every little bit helps.
Why do we keep blaming victims in a rape scenario? We’ve all heard about the recent case in Stanford – the guy sexually assaulting a passed out woman.  We know he got caught by two passerby bike riders.  We know he ran. We know he was convicted.  We know he got 6 months.  

6 months.

Why is this happening? Why is this considered okay?

Here’s Mother Cusser’s theory about it all.  

I think that the majority of us are against rape.  Right? Most of us are like – “hey don’t rape.”  But all I ever see in the public eye is women saying “Stop blaming rape victims.”  

Where are the men?  

Let me be clear that I’m not out to get men. I know lots of them and all of the ones I know think rape is horrible and wouldn’t do it. But for some reason – men haven’t mobilized (as far as I know) and marched on Washington – or anywhere actually; to say STOP RAPE.

Think of the impact a campaign run by MEN would have.  RAPE NEEDS A MARKETING CAMPAIGN RUN BY MEN.  
Which leads me to my plan.  There are many main “reasons” that explain rape.  Violence. Abuse. Domination. Also that a man just can't help himself. 

Is this true??  Can you men simply not help raping? 
Men:  Of course we can help ourselves. We don’t have to rape.  

If we had MEN all over the US saying "I drink - but don't rape,” or "I play sports - but don't rape," or "I go on dates - and don't rape," imagine the impact.  It could be on Twitter – “I am a cop – and don’t rape,” #realmendontrape.  Or Facebook, “I’m an insurance salesman – and I don’t rape.”  Shoot – if we had the money that Susan B Komen has for PINK stuff we could decorate athletes in some cool color and have football announcers say “I’m a sports announcer – and I don’t rape.”  

Men!  This is a great idea.  I know you must feel somewhat helpless when you hear stories like the Stanford one.  And if it happened to your wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, coworker – you’d find the guy and obliterate him. But aside from that you likely feel like there’s not much else to do.  

Well now there is something to do.

I can’t do it for you.  You have to do it yourselves. Start the conversation. Prove to the world that men are good.  And rape is bad.  Help change the conversation.  

Who are you?  What do you do?  Do you rape?  

Tell the world. Start the conversation among men that can change things for all of us.  


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