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Why didn't the Orlando victims fight back?

Why didn't the Orlando victims fight back?

Author: Mother Cusser/Wednesday, June 15, 2016/Categories: Cussing

So Orlando.  And the murders of 49 gay and lesbian people at club Pulse.

I find myself reading and re-reading, watching and re-watching the same news messages over and over again trying to find the answers, you know? Like if I keep watching someone will finally say the THING that will make all of this senseless death okay. It will make it make sense. 

We can smile again without sadness and move forward. 

It’s all going to be okay.  

But no one says anything that makes me feel okay.

I was talking with my husband (Little Pumpkin Pie) this morning about all of it. And as I talked through all of what I had seen and read from news, from police and then yesterday from the victims – something struck me.

They didn’t fight back.

As they were being shot, terrified, attacked – they didn’t fight back.  They ran. They hid. They huddled together.

But no one fought back.  

I read accounts yesterday that detailed how the shooter had time to reload. That the victims could hear the magazine fall to the floor as a new one was put in.  The shooter had plenty of time to walk around the club as he reloaded.  

And no one mobilized.  No one got a group together to storm him at once. 

No one threw chairs or glass bottles.  

They ran. They hid. They held each other.


Because they’re used to this.  They are used to being persecuted. They are used to being bullied. They are used to all religions reminding them that they are less important to GOD of all things.  They are used to political battles where their decisions to marry are debated – totally out of their control.  They are used to not being able to give blood. They are USED TO THIS.  I understand that he had a gun, that they were surprised, probably a little tipsy and that they were scared and in shock. Obviously, that’s not a time when one can think clearly to organize a full on shooter retaliation effort.  

HOWEVER.  Think about it.  Think about this group in general.  A gentle, colorful group of people who live in an unwelcoming, intolerant world. They still have to live their lives amongst their haters. They still find love – whether they can get married or not. They are used to this kind of aggression and hatred.  

So they don’t even think to fight back.  It never turns out okay when they do.

I remember once a dear gay friend of mine was sharing a story with me of how he met Tennessee’s Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.  She is known for being against gay rights.  I CANNOT STAND HER. My friend said he met her and he was nice to her.  They had a conversation. It was lovely. 

I was appalled. 

WHY?? I asked him. He said because that’s just what he did. He's a nice person and so he wasn't going to change that because of her beliefs.  My friend was nice to a woman who’s been out to get him and everything he stands for.  

I have other gay buddies who have friends who openly disagree with who they are.  And they are still friends. 


And then there are the families of my gay friends. Some who openly condemn them as human beings. Do you argue with them? I ask. Do you tell them they are wrong??  No, I hear regularly.  My family is who they are and I can’t change that.

No no no no no no no no no.  I can’t hear that. NO.  Really though, what the hell do I know about it?  I don’t truly understand what it’s like to be them. I never will.  They need peace and happiness and they are used to others making that difficult for them.

I’m sure in hindsight many victims are wishing they’d handled things differently.  I am sure they are re-living the nightmare that was that night.  “What if I’d just …”  “If I’d only…” 

There is nothing to say to that except this is what it is.  A peaceful group of people confronted with violence did what they knew to do in the face of horror.  I applaud the bravery of every single soul and wish only for them to someday feel safe again, no matter what club they go to, what person they choose to love and what decisions they make.  

And maybe, just maybe my amazing gay bros and sis' - you'll know that you are worth fighting for.  

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6/15/2016 6:18 PM

This was beautifully written. It brought tears to my eyes because what you said was so true. I am so sorry about what happened in Orlando.



6/17/2016 8:30 PM

Look, I don't really buy this argument. Yes, gay people are persecuted all the time. It is even more important for gay people to learn how to defend themselves, because gay people are attacked and even killed on a regular basis.

I am big support of gay rights. So when I look into a gay club I just see people. I don't care if a person is gay or straight, I treat them the same. In this case clearly this group of people or even a single person possibly could have found a way to surprise the terrorist either from the sides or behind. and tackle him. I'm not blaming these victims I'm just giving a tactical analysis. People should look at this situation and everyone should be educated about how to behave in this situation in the future, and maybe next time less people will die.



6/22/2016 9:28 AM

my friends and i were talking about this and yes, we are confused s to why people didn't fight back, why all these people tried to get out of the club instead of fighting back. i don't agree with your analysis that they didn't fight back because they are use to being persecuted. that would mean you have a group of 300 people that have gone through the same persecution and quite honestly that might be true for some but not all. no, its something more than blaming the 'MAN"


Ver Acity

2/16/2017 10:03 PM

Following is a link of yet another coward hay, who locked doors on the others. Isaiah Henderson used his mother, now dead, as a shield. A grown "man." My mom couldn't force herself in front of me. Lady, I tried being bi, but have zero interest in gays, as I know em like you never will. Isaiah is now milking attention, claiming victimhood, not cowardice. Look at his shallow FB comments. I know your gay friends only seek females, for validation, n to stalk your men, n secretly talk of hating all women. I know their likelihood of cheating, being shallow, n generally unethical is incomparably higher than heteros. It's why I only like girls, now. N yes, it is my choice. I know them as you never will, all the nasty things which come naturally, which youd condemn, if they were halfway honest.

Isaiah Henderson hid behind his mom. Many gays claim being "masculine," online, to hook up. I've seen vigils n cmnty events. Their aim is to hook up sexually, n get validation for themselves. If your ass ever gets attacked, you damn well know your gay besties will have your back...20 miles, back. Women, children, n elderly have fought back, even when not certain someone would shoot. The cowardice is a result of a lifestyle full of bad traits, ethics, n customs, which have come to define gays far more than sane sex union. You can twist the angle how you like, as s;me did with a 21 year old man, who hid behind his mom. They choose to live a soft, fake life, coveting unimportant bull shit. And they are cowards, when the moment matters, good to no one. Argue that how you like, but they'll never ever put their ass on the line for you. A security guard had to make escape route others could have, then force the pussies to run. Ive heard dozens tell one another theyd die for one another. 320 is a fair demographic cross section. Ive met hundreds, talked to thousands. If tgey are proud of being cliche gay, why do they prefer real men over flimsy gays, which make up 99.8% of gays? Only some bi men are real men. Why have you never seen a typical fag with a real man? Only women are good enough to get the real bi men. Fuck em. Good start. Too bad not all of em



Mother Cusser

3/8/2017 7:38 AM

I think it's time for you to come out of the closet, friend. You sure are angry about being stuck up in there. You'll be much happier, I promise.

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