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My Personal Diary Entries

My Personal Diary Entries

A day at the winery.

Author: Mother Cusser/Monday, March 18, 2013/Categories: True Diary Entries

Please to enjoy a section of my diary when I went to a winery with some buddies of mine.  



Dear Diary,

Just had my first tasting. So delicious! The winery was charming and quaint and the owners were just so lovely. Going to have another taste now.




Dear Diary,
I'm having a fucking blast. Wine is so good, you know? It's soooooo pretty here. My friends are funny and we are having fun with the people who work here. Gonna hit another one now.


Dear Diary,
The hot wine waiter is checking me out. My friend Jennifer fell off her stool and I think sprained her wrist. HA ha. ohwell. she shouldn't have been trying stand on it and dance in the firstplace, you knowwhat I mean?? shiiiiiit. I'mgonna give thatwaiter my cell phone. next place to go!
Dear Diary;
we broughtthewaiter withusinourlimo. I can't remember his name so im just calling him Geeves cuz he's awaiter. Ithinkhejustkissed my friend who felloff thestool. Geevesisanasshole. !!!
Dear Dairy,
it's like 4am. Exvcept it'snotbecause we got started at 11am. so maybe it's like 2:30.whatever. wine made my teeth purple.
Dear Diarrhea,
at thehotel ifell asleep in thehottub and then Geeves got me out and i slept ona chair. He's so good to me. why can'teveryone be like him. i think i lovehim. I feel ssick. sfgkissfgs
I woke up at 1am on the floor of my hotel room by the toilet wearing a bikini top and underwear. who the fuck is that in the other bed?
Dear Diary,

Woke up today at 9! Feel great - I got like 12 hours of sleep! I'm a little thirsty though! Looks like someone might have stayed over last night? Maybe Jennifer got lost going to her hotel room. Gonna meet the girls downstairs in a bit for breakfast and more wineries!! SO FUN! Someone wrote me a note! "Had an amazing time, your bikini bottoms are hanging on the tree by your balcony window. Can't wait to see you at the wedding today. glad you're my date. -Geeves"
Dear Diary,


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