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Mother Cusser Gets @#$@!# Real with Tipsylit.com

Mother Cusser Gets @#$@!# Real with Tipsylit.com

My first online interview!

Author: Mother Cusser/Friday, January 3, 2014/Categories: Cussing

<<They are called "Tipsylit" I think it means drunk reading.  

I was asked to be a guest writer on this blog called Tipsylit.com.  It’s a new blogger site that just started a year ago and it seems to me that they need to get the word out a little more so they came to me.

I asked what it is they’d like to hear about from me – since I have SO many interesting thoughts and opinions.  The answer was vague and pretty much said just write something about something and make it good. 

Some blogging sites interview new writers when they invite on them as guest writers.  So I thought I would set up my own interview with myself so that don’t have to come up with a new idea, because that’s really hard and I don’t like to do a whole lot of “work.”

So here goes my interview with myself for Tipsylit.com.

TL:  Mother Cusser, may I begin this interview by expressing to you how pretty and funny and pretty you are.

MC: You may.

TL: You are pretty and funny and pretty.

MC: Why, thank you!  What a wonderful surprise to hear such compliments. You are obviously very smart.  But not as funny and pretty as me. 

 Of course.  Tell me, Mother, how did you get started in writing?

MC: I’ve always been a writer.  Just didn’t know what to do with it.  About a year ago, I started www.mothercusser.com.  It was an avenue to express myself creatively.  I never dreamed it would get as big as it has.  And did you know that Mother Cusser was originally meant to be a pen name? I wanted to be anonymous.

 WHAT? Why on earth would you do that?

MC: Right?  I was wanting to really confront people.  People in my neighborhood.  People at my kid’s school.  Coworkers.  I wanted to really tell people what I thought. I was afraid if they knew it was me saying it that I would have repercussions.  I thought I could be bolder behind a mask.

TL:  What changed?

MC:  I did.  You can’t hide behind a logo and tell people what you think. It’s cowardly and people don’t respect that.  I came out of the closet and haven’t looked back.  

TL: Have you had repercussions? Surely people don’t have issues with what someone like you would say?  Don’t they know how pretty you are?

MC:  You would think that when I yell at groups of people about how dumb they are that they would just listen and change their stupid behavior, right?  Believe it or not, it doesn’t always work that way.  The biggest repercussions I have gotten are nasty comments online.  Oh and people referring to me as Mother Cusser in person.  It embarrasses me.  But that’s what I get for letting people know it’s me behind the name.  I just smile and say thank you.  

TL:  How did things take off for you?


GREAT question!  I wrote a blog about Miley Cyrus.  She’d just done her silly dance on stage at the MTV awards.  And the next day the world was crawling with whiny Mommy bloggers lamenting about how Miley was ruining their daughters.  I was mad.  First, I was mad at the term “mommy blogger” because it’s such a stupid term.  You write about parenting one time and BAM you’re a “mommy blogger.” What does that even mean? My kids don’t even call me Mommy anymore.  Second, I was mad because this was the umpteenth time I’ve heard the message that the world is ruining our kids. That’s just plain wrong. So I wrote a blog called, “What is ruining our kids? YOU.  Not Miley Cyrus.”  See the famous blog, here: Miley.

TL: And what happened?

MC:  It went nuts.  I seriously wrote the thing in 20 minutes.  Posted it and all of a sudden the page views jumped to the thousands. Site visitor numbers sky rocketed.  My site kept crashing over and over.  My Facebook page blew up!  I was getting emails from all over the world in support of this blog.  I got on TV.  The blog was read on a nationally syndicated radio show.  Page views jumped to tens of thousands. Then hundreds of thousands.

TL:  Why do you think that it happened?

MC:  Because I hit a nerve.  I pointed out that YOU could be the issue.  It’s YOUR fault. YOU are the problem.  People don’t like to hear that they are responsible for anything.  They want it to be Miley’s fault.  They want it to be music’s fault.  Or the school’s fault.  Or their parent’s fault, even.  But not their fault. No way! I offered ways to change up how they parent.  And the way I did that was use real examples of parenting that I have seen first-hand.  So people took it personally – as they should have.   The blog right now has garnered over 936K page views.  It’s still making its way around.

TL:  Wow!  Well, that’s how we found you.  So glad we did!  What now, Mother?  What happens next?

MC:  Well I have discovered you can have one blog go viral and the others don’t.  I liken it to SNL’s hilarious skit, D**K in a Box.  How many great skits have they done that they were sure would be huge hits, but weren’t? Then they put this one together and it goes bananas.  But you can’t hang your hat on one skit.  I can’t hang my hat on one blog.  And I don’t want to.  I need to keep building up my fan base and keeping them happy and engaged.  They are the key to all of this success and I will be sure to stay on top of it.

TL:  Wow! You’re amazing and so right!  And pretty and funny and pretty!

MC:  And you are a genius.  

TL: Where do people go for more Mother Cusser?  

MC:  Head over to www.mothercusser.com.  OR Facebook.com/mothercusser.  Or Twitter.  I’m @TheMotherCusser.  Email me at themothercusser@gmail.com  Lots of places to find me.  And congrats to TipsyLit on your blog site. I like it.  And smart move contacting me and giving me a compliment to get me to guest write to get it some attention.  Totally worked. 

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3 comments on article "Mother Cusser Gets @#$@!# Real with Tipsylit.com"



1/16/2014 10:51 AM

So awesome.


Ericka @ Tipsy Lit

1/17/2014 8:11 AM

Thank you for letting us interview you! I think the best part is when we learned how pretty you are. Somehow, I think you'll agree. :)


Mother Cusser

1/17/2014 8:29 AM

You're welcome, Ericka! Best part for me was how FAST you learned it! MENSA fast!

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