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Move Over June Cleaver!

Move Over June Cleaver!

There's a new TV mom in town.

Author: Mother Cusser/Monday, February 24, 2014/Categories: Cussing, Funny, funny, funny

<<Not really.

Today I’d like to talk with you about a little show called Nashville. It’s one of those nighttime soap operas that people watch and it’s IN Nashville so of course all of us here watch it just in case we see ourselves or someone we know in the background.

LPP and I watch it and like to make fun of the overly thick accents and especially how some of the actors pronounce the “s” sound in certain words.  Instead of “wordsss” like you and I would say (even if you lived in Nashville) the actors on the show Nashville say it like this “werdsh.”  

Let’s look at some regular words and then I will Nashville-them up for you:


The Nashville TV Show Way:

I also want to talk about the main character Rayna James (Rayna Jamesch).  Rayna is a divorced mother of two who is a huge music star – think Faith Hill kind of – and we follow her around as she navigates Neshville’s mewshick schity drama.  

I think Rayna is an awesome mother.  Here are five reasons why:

1. Her kids are always doing independent things.  One show Rayna popped into a room and said, “Just dropped off Maddie for her trip to DC she’s so excited!”  I think the kid is like 8 and Rayna sent her on a plane to D.C.?  GO GIRL!

2. Rayna and her ex-husband are nice to each other. Divorce isn’t easy, but Rayna is a big girl and she knows that it’s best for the kids for her to be respectful of her ex.  They are nice to each other and actually seem to care for each other from a distance. That’s how it should be.

 Rayna and her ex. He's all serious because his new wife got murdered or something.  But they were at a schocaysche together to support their kids.  You can be nice and be divorced at the same time!

3. She encourages them to do what they love but doesn’t do it for them.  They write songs and sing at their own shows.  That’s awesome!

4. She listens to them. The kids have gone through a divorce and then older daughter found out that Rayna’s ex-husband who she thought was her father was not.  Her real father is Deacon, Rayna’s on again off again long-time love.  Deacon is the KING of the “sch” noise by the way.  He has a cousin named Scarlett.  But when Deacon says it you hear “Schkarlett.” 

**Side note.  Once, LPP and went to see a local 80’s cover band, Rubix Groove, at popular Nashville music club, 3rd and Lindsley. Typical of Nashville, there were famous song writers and band members jumping up on stage and joining the band in singing 80's songs. Deacon was there and he got up on stage and sang “Sweet Caroline.”  Afterwards, LPP was at the bar and two girls approached him with a cell phone asking LPP to take a picture of them with Deacon, who was standing nearby.  LPP obliged but did NOT get his own picture with Deacon. LPP felt that make him seem like a girl.  I said, “Who cares??  You’re not trying to date him. Just get a picture!!”  But it was too late.  I am still annoyed with him for that.  Would have been perfect for this blog.**  

ANYWAY – when they are upset she actually listens to them. Never talks over them. Never minimizes and says, “Oh you’re fine, get over it.”  I like that.  We should all be better about that one.

5. Rayna has her own life.  Rayna supports her children but does not manage their lives for them. Half the time you don’t even remember she HAS children.

But seriously, she’s got songs to write, y’all!  She’s got to get her mewshick label going!  She has a geetarsh to play and schocayshes to play!  In fact it’s becoming clear to me that Rayna James and Mother Cusser are, like, twins with how we have our own lives AND we’re mothers!  I’m going to use this as my chance to invite Rayna to write and sching a duet with Mother Cusser!!  

We’ll call it, “Momma don’t let your babies grow up to be 30 year olds who still live at home because they never developed self-esteem to handle challenges and failures because you were always handling it for them.”  

That’s a working title – but I think we all agree it’s sure to go platinum.  


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