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Do you give up your loyalty to your fave sports team when you move cities?

Do you give up your loyalty to your fave sports team when you move cities?

Having moved several times in my lifetime - I can tell you the answer.

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<<In every city I've ever lived - I've always had The Baltimore Ravens by my side.

So I live in Franklin – which is a suburb of Nashville.  There are a lot of things about Nashville that make this place unlike any place anywhere I have ever lived.  

And I’ve lived a lot of places. 

A quick review:

Born in Natick, Mass. When I tell people here that fact they always (always) say, “Ohh a Yankee, huh?”  As if that means something.  Like that I’m going to start going on and on about the Boston Tea Party and get confused when they say “y’all” vs “you guys.”  

Side note  (sorry I’m extra ADHD today) – is the correct spelling “y’all” or “ya’ll”?  I would think “you all” would be “y’all.” But I see it spelled differently all the time.  Anyway, why don’t you get back to me on that, I’m writing a blog here.  

Um, I understand you're being kind of a jerk.

I grew up in Severna Park, Maryland. GO FALCONS!

My stunning high school.  Had to Google high school just now to make sure it was two words not one.  I went to a GREAT high school. 

I didn’t want to stay in Severna Park when I turned 18 because I felt like I needed to go somewhere bigger and better than that little town so I chose the popular city mecca, KNOXVILLE, TN – where I went to and graduated from the University of Tennessee.  While the school itself was larger than the entire state of Maryland, the town of Knoxville was not.  So I couldn’t stay there to start my life!  I mean who lives in Knoxville?  
It’s Knoxville. 

That big ball on that stick was from a World's Fair from like 98 years ago.  Breathtaking.  


So I met a guy at my brother’s wedding and he lived in Seattle and he said, “Come here!”  So I was like, “Sure!” So then I lived there.  You may or may not already know this, but, it rains a lot in Seattle.  Like a lot.  Like from October to the END of June it’s raining.  It’s so rainy in Seattle that on the off chance there might be ONE sunny few hours between rain storms there are zillions of wrecks on the highways because no one can see in the sunlight.  They are like little moles driving around unable to see with all that light shining everywhere.

So I couldn’t stay there.  I love sunshine.

Can you see the Space Needle?  

I moved back to Maryland and then to D.C.  That’s not a big deal to make that move as they are kind of all in the same place together.  I lived there for a long while. Got married and had my kids.  Then when we wanted to upgrade we were sad to discover it would cost us 80987098 million dollars to get a bigger house where we were OR we’d have to move 32 hours out of the city to find affordable housing.  And by 32 hours out of the city I actually mean 8 miles - but in D.C. 8 miles equates to 32 hours of driving.  42 if it rains. 

Behold.  This is where road rage was born.    

Then, my sister who lives down in Tennessee somewhere said, “Look at Nashville!”  

So we did and the cost of living was better and I like the South, because of the whole Knoxville thing,  so we came down here.  I’ve been here almost 10 years, I think. But I’m not sure. Could be 7.  But this is where we will stay as our children turn into adults.  

I like to think all of my traveling and new experiences (most of which I did totally on my own.  Didn’t know anyone in the places I traveled to and lived in) have given me a well-rounded view of our country and the different cultures within it.  We are not all the same.  But when we live in a new city, I believe it’s important to always support the local sports team, even if we are still loyal to The Ravens.

Tune in tomorrow for my top ten things about Nashville that make this place the most unique city in the world.  

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5/13/2014 10:50 AM

I have also lived in many states . I can not imagine living in the same town my whole life! Talk about boring!! Go Saints!!

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