About Me
Mother Cusser is a name that was given to me by a dear friend of mine who has known me since I was 18 and who was my roommate through most of my college career and beyond.  I asked her for a name for this little blog I was going to start and Mother Cusser was her first suggestion.  It was perfect. But why?

I’ll tell you why. Because it sounds like a bad word but it isn’t.  It dances dangerously close to the edge of inappropriate, but it’s not.  It is an attention getter.  It makes you take a second glance.  It brings in people who might otherwise not listen to me and it also brings in people who gladly do.  It is informal and formal.  It demands respect and is also your happy hour buddy.  It is gentle and tough at the same time.  

This is me. I am Mother Cusser.

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